June 2019

Surviving The Day's Politics

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Between this administration's refusal to do anything about our environmental crisis, which could cause our entire society to collapse within 30 years if ignored, its war on people with uteri and demand to promote the life of a clump of cells over existing people and all the little things--like allowing Russia to hack our elections, instituting tariffs on already broke people and so forth--it's been one of the most stressful times to be

Mega Gifts For Your Cat

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If you could make one of your cat's dreams come true, what would you do? Get it live mice every day to eat? Grow catnip in every room? Maybe you'd make an entire room of your house into a catio. However you'd do it, you'd sure make a happy cat.

Cute Book Clutch Purse

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If you love your books as much as I do, you want them made into everything from stairs to floating book shelves, which I've done. Like I said last week, I use my books for bookends, and I pretty much want them everywhere. Marie Kondo says you should only have 30 books? Ha! I have that many in my bathroom, and double that checked out from the library.

Re illegal surveillance on myself and others in Snohomish county Washington and the throwing of Michelle Obama's voice

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Please don't let this happen to anyone or another child. I am also military protected and have notified the us Marshalls the CIA FBI Homeland security intopol veterans affairs ECT. Mind control is illegal and wrong.. now with the damage done we use this for positive and find missing children and adults trafficking of children ECT