June 2019

Beastologist Ends on a Cliffhanger

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My family and I love the Beastologist books by R.L. LaFevers, better known by her teen works as author Robin LaFevers. They are about a young man named Nathaniel Fludd, his search for his parents and his apprenticeship as a young beastologist, or person who cares for magical creatures. They are quick reads--we have read entire books aloud in the car in a single day between errands before--and they are filled with magic, creatures and adventure. 

New Sustainable Line From Levis

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Consumers are going gaga over hemp being used in many new products, many not realizing that much of American society was built upon the industry before marijuana was criminalized in order to spread hatred and fear of Mexican people in the United States. It's great that it's gaining so much public support, but as many people have said, those incarcerated for selling it need to be freed before the rich should be able to profit off of it.

Nuclear Weapons 686 - U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency Accuses Russia Of Nuclear Testing

         In order to develop and maintain nuclear weapons, it is helpful to be able to test nuclear warheads. There are treaties between major nuclear powers such as the U.S. and Russia that prohibit most nuclear testing. Now the U.S. is accusing the Russians of violating treaties and testing nuclear warheads.

Nuclear Reactors 686 - Lancaster University Working On New Semi-autonomous Robots For Radioactive Environments

          I recently posted an article about robotic research at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. They are developing robots that can carry out routine inspection of big industrial plants such as oil refineries and nuclear power plants.

Nuclear Fusion 58 - Researchers Are Developing Computer Models Of Turbulence In Plasmas

      One major problem with creating a controlled fusion reaction that could be used to generate power is confinement of the superheated plasma. Powerful magnetic fields are used in fusion reactors to confine the plasma and prevent it from striking the walls of the reaction chamber which can quench the fusion reaction and even damage the walls of the reaction vessel.

Draw 80s X-Men

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Who loves to draw 80s characters? It's got to be one of my top 10 favorite hobbies, and artist Todd Nauck has a cool video showing you just how to draw the X-Men characters of the 1980s! It's part of a Marvel Quickdraw series created to help us learn to draw like the pros and enjoy our favorite hobby. I love this one because it's not the X-Men of today but the 80s styles, which are quite different for many characters.

Wine Myths

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The older I get, the clearer it is that I don't know anything. Not everything--anything! Everything continues to change and many of the truths we cling to, as Obi Wan said, depend on our own point of view--or, for many of us, what we were taught in school, which has often since changed. Are there 8 planets, 13, or 9, for example?!

95 Jerry Garcia Ties

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I've met a few people who followed the Grateful Dead around the country. I had a colleague who even sold tie-dye t-shirts out of their car while on the road with the band. But I have to tip my hat to their piano tuner, Greg Baron, who spent many years traveling with the band and has 95 Jerry Garcia ties to commemorate those times. 

Things Men Don't Know About Female Anatomy

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Isn't it funny how so many men want to put laws on the bodies of people with uteri yet have no idea how those peoples' bodies even work in the first place? One lawmaker was saying we can even move ectopic pregnancies. It's amazing how many politicians aren't scientists when they're asked about climate change but they suddenly become doctors when it comes to women's bodies, isn't it!

How to Get A Good Night's Sleep

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A good night's sleep is the most underrated thing in the Western world. People brag about pulling all-nighters, saying we'll sleep when we're dead, believing ourselves to be invincible until we wake up one day having damaged ourselves beyond repair just by not sleeping enough. I know because I've done this, and my doctor won't let me hear the end of it.

Emmy Campaign Continues

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If you've been following the Family Guy Emmy campaigns, you know that the show usually does something silly in a spoof of something relevant in the news or an actual contender--like Game of Thrones, which they did a few weeks ago. Now they're making fun of the college admissions scandal with an image that says they've "earned" the Emmy, complete with their heads photoshopped on a bunch of rowers at school.

All Things Rainbow

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It's Pride Month, the perfect time to celebrate with desserts of every color! My LGBTQ loved ones and I have been loading up on all things rainbow, from socks to crafts we've made, to celebrate and honor our loved ones at an upcoming event, but we haven't really planned a lot of the eats yet. Aside from unicorn poop cookies, we're still deciding on the desserts to serve and that's where you come in!