November 2011

Minnesota Nice and Networking

This article is about dealing with Minnesota Nice when trying to get a job in Minneapolis. I know that Minneapolis being in Minnesota tends to get a bad rep about the whole Minnesota Nice thing. So does my stuff on networking work here. I was warned many a time that it would be difficult to make friends here and really establish relationships. But I think this is unfair criticism as I have lived in some other cities around the United States including San Francisco, Oakland and New York City and I wouldn’t say that it was that much different in interacting with people except for the thing that Minnesotans are way more polite and friendlier.

Pros and Cons of Looking For a Job in Minneapolis


I had touched upon finding a job in Minneapolis in my earlier article. I have also been somewhat full of praise for the city of Minneapolis. But in this article I will look at some of the drawbacks in addition to the pros of trying to get a job in Minneapolis.

The first thing that comes to my mind about job hunting in Minneapolis is the freezing cold during the fall and winter months and the unpredictable weather that is the norm during the rest of the year. I did not have a car and for the unfortunate few who face this problem, the weather is really an issue. Having a car is really a must but it is definitely expensive in comparison to public transport if you look at the insurance, maintenance, parking and other miscellaneous fees that come with owning a vehicles. This is in addition to the fact that a car loses value as soon as you drive it of the lot.

Finding a job in Minneapolis

Nowadays, the economy of Minneapolis is largely made up of health care, trade, finance and trucking services. But whether your dream job is in milling, food processing, publishing or the graphic arts Minneapolis has something great for you. Fortune 500 companies like 3M produce chemical products, precision medical instruments and devices  and Hormel produces food products. However, you must be warned that it tends to very difficult to get into 3M and they prefer engineers and people with PhDs.