Investment Banking in Minneapolis

Investment Banking in Minneapolis

So Minneapolis may not be New York City or San Francisco, but it does have plenty of investment banks for you to start a career and even get to the very top staying in the Midwest itself. I have done a lot of research in trying to get into an investment banking career. Before I found the job that I am currently in, I did a lot of cold calling, interviews and the like.

There aren’t really many large, international investment banks located in Minneapolis. There is a Morgan Stanley Smith Barney office in downtown Minneapolis which is a retail brokerage joint venture between Morgan Stanley and Citigroup. In the neighborhood, is J.P Morgan but I am not sure if the investment banking subsidiary is available as well in this city. I know that there is a distinction that is made between wealth management and investment banking from the research that I did, but Merrill Lynch is seen as a large international investment bank even though it is the wealth management subsidiary of Bank of America.

There are also large, mid-sized, and prestigious boutique investment banks. Piper Jaffray comes to mind as a middle-market investment banking firm based in Minneapolis. RBC Capital Markets is located on Washington Avenue in North Minneapolis as well.

There are also a wide range of boutique investment banks too in addition to the bulge brackets mentioned above such as TripleTree, ThinkEquityPartners LLC, Cherry Tree Investments and Prestwick Partners to name a few.

I would suggest getting experience at these firms if you are already in Minneapolis to break into the investment banking industry.