How useful are online job postings?

How useful are online job postings?

I have discovered that I don't feel that online sources are the best way to search for a job.

I am one of those people who has wasted a lot of time by looking through job listings that have appeared online. The problem with online job listings I have since learned is that they may not actually represent a real job or it might be for a position that has already been filled. What a waste of time!

But there are online job postings out there that are worth the time sifting through. Being the finance guy that I am, I thought I will give you an excellent example of a source that I personally use. Job Search Digest is one such online source that is great because it sends lucrative jobs to your inbox and you can select exactly what types of positions you want to receive.

If you’re in finance, I suggest to make good use of this job search tool that can lead you to attractive offers in investment banking, hedge funds and private equity. These are the apex when it comes to the world of finance. The premium version is even better and offers you a more comprehensive resource and a lot more information. Sometimes, paying upfront can actually be a great way to move your career forward by leaps and bounds. Investing in yourself and your career constantly is truly the way to go.

The way to get these top-notch online sources for job postings regardless of industry is to keep researching and asking professionals in your field of study. Continue to be curious and it will pay dividends!