How successful individuals approach their work

How successful individuals approach their work

I know some pretty successful people and they have certain beliefs that have guided them.

Successful people impose their will on time.

How many times have we waited until the last minute to finish up a project or other task that our bosses want us to complete? If you’re an above average employee or business person, then you will look to try and finish the job quickly and effectively and then move onto doing other things that will wow your boss and the people you work with.

The network you have is the one you established.

Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from people that are just not your type. Extraordinary employees want to work for extraordinary bosses. I really think it serves everyone reading this to go and take a few days to reflect on who you want to work with and the friends that you would desire to have. Then start attracting these people into your life.

Accept failure.

Successful people have failed many times and because they have a failed a lot more than the average person, they are now top performers. It is always hard when you get laid off or your boss gives you a hard time, but when one door closes, another one opens. The more you progress in your career and continue living life, you will realize how true this is. Steve Jobs stated that getting fired from Apple was probably the best thing that ever happened to him even though it was really hard at the time. Pain is always temporary no matter how hard it may be and never lose faith in any endeavor.

Respect the wishes of the people who pay you and this will translate into more dollars.

There is nothing more satisfying to a worker than putting their price up. The way this is done is to deliver to your boss or the customer by giving into their demands no matter how unrealistic they may sound. If you can get a raise early on in your career, then in all likelihood you will make more money as you get older. This has actually been proven by research.