“Do What you Love” - Bad Career Advice

“Do What you Love” - Bad Career Advice

I don’t think doing what you love always gives you the most optimal outcome. Feel free to disagree.

The real situation is that nobody can only be so one-dimensional as to love only one thing. I mean I was crazy about basketball and track in high school and spent a ton of time doing both those sports and reading up online how to get fitter and also watching the athletic events on TV. But at the same time, I did have a lot of curiosity about the world around on me and loved to read up on science, culture, politics and business among other things.

The point is this a lot of times we don’t realize we are good at something until it might be too late. I met a really good friend in my senior year of college who was a chemical engineering major and he made me start to wonder how it would have been if I had majored in something like that.

So I think the key thing is trying different things and going about your life with an open mind. Don’t shun that physics class or advanced math class because it might negatively affect your GPA. Any of these issues can be explained to employers and we live in a very diverse country where there are a wide variety of employers and top class graduate schools that you can choose and will choose you as well regardless of any small mishap that you might have had by trying different things.

At the end of the day, we are all constrained by what goes in our heads. We and myself included need to break out and only then will we see things in a whole new light.

Work cannot be play all the time even if you love what you are doing. There are always going to be ups and downs.